Jill Schultz to chair 2018 NO Gala

Jill Schultz

Jill Schultz – Chairperson

Jill Schultz of Palos Verdes Estates has agreed to serve as chairperson for our Second Annual NO Gala.

You can join in as an honorary chairperson (co-chair), event committee member or sponsor. It’s easy, just make your ticket or sponsorship donation on or before October 31. Honorary chairpersons, committee members and sponsors will be listed in the online event program.

Tickets, sponsorships and more information . . . 

Jill has been involved with many events in our community over the years. She’s especially charged up about this one. When reached for comment she enthused “I’m thrilled to be involved this year in the NO Gala. I believe it will be the non-event of the year for the entire South Bay.” She continued “and this could be the most cost-effective fundraising event you’ll ever be part of.”

What’s a NO Gala?

It’s a fundraising event with

  • NO date
  • NO location
  • NO theme
  • NO dress code
  • NO attendance required (or possible)

Sponsorships and tickets are available NOw

Tickets, sponsorships and more information . . . 

Say YES! to the NO GalaPlease appreciate that there will be no event. This is a way to support the work of Caring House, while keeping the time and effort of our staff and volunteers focused on our residents and families.

We take full blame for the sense of humor that led to this invitation.

By the way, your sponsorship or ticket donation is 100% deductible as a charitable contribution.