It’s our Fifth Birthday!

Fifth Birthday CelebrationFebruary 19, 2021 is our Fifth Birthday. It’s a day to celebrate the great work already done and to be done by our staff and volunteers. And to thank our donors, other supporters and our hospital and hospice colleagues for helping to make that work possible.

Through that work we have the honor to help our residents and their families make the very best of their remaining time together. Each day we get to improve the end of life experience for men and women and families. We all deserve peace at the end of life.

In our first five years we’ve welcomed almost 300 residents and families. The word is spreading and we’re now known as the South Bay’s end-of-life care home.

Together we’re doing something wonderful for our community.

Please help keep the good work going by making a $5 or more birthday contribution . . . It’s Ea5y!