Is there a nurse in the house?

Calling all Nurses

Whether you’re an RN or an LVN. Whether you’re working, not working or even retired. Whether you have an active nursing license or not. Caring House would love to have you involved in our work, as part of our caregiver assistance team.

If you are looking for a rewarding way to use your nursing skills, experience, and heart, consider volunteering at the Caring House. Your unique role will be to support our caregivers and offer assistance to our residents and their families. Elder care experience is not required.

We’ll train you. And for a resident needing medical care, you’ll serve side-by-side with the resident’s home health or hospice staff.

Consider joining our caregiver assistance team

If you want to take a tour of our home or learn more about us, start with our Contact page. If you’re interested in joining our team start with our volunteer teams page.

Comments from nurse volunteers

Several nurse volunteers have shared their thoughts:

  • “I feel called to volunteer at Caring House. Early in life and on-going, I had a desire to pray for and care for the sick and dying. Caring House is a further expression of that mission in my life.” — Barbara McAuley RN
  • “I want to be part of a place where people can spend their last days as comfortable as possible and not alone.” — Mollie Gehley RN
  • “Since my recent retirement from a nursing career that spanned 39 years, I had a heard of the Caring House project from mutual friends. At one time, caring for patients in a hospital setting, I felt it would be beneficial to be able to continue in helping support the caregivers that will be caring for our residents.” — Carol Shibuya RN
  • “The concept of the Caring House is so important to this community and, as it opens and progresses, the need will become clarified to others. As a volunteer, I would like to provide support and guidance to the residents, their families, and the staff. Hoping that we will all grow as a result of sharing.” — Krista Yachechak RN, NP
  • “I have been a member of the Caring House core volunteer committee for over five years, serving on the board for the last three. I was directly involved in the search to find the perfect house to renovate as our home. With this unique perspective on the mission of Caring House, I feel my background as an RN can further be used as a nurse volunteer. I want to be there for our caregivers whose role has the potential for being a very challenging experience. While a resident’s home health or hospice nurse will be the first they go to for concerns, I want our caregivers to have additional resources to turn to for support.” — Jane Flynn RN
  • “After years of providing care to those who were in need, I can continue to be a part of a service to our community. Last stage care has been something that has not been understood and often avoided. What a great opportunity I have to learn and work with others who have a passion and commitment for this much needed care.” — Pat Simonetti RN
Nurse Volunteers Oct 2015

Our volunteer nurses — Oct 2015