I remember a volunteer holding the phone to his ear . . .

Ronald R. memory stone

“Two years ago I had never heard of Caring House. Then my brother, Ronnie, fell ill on skid row.

He was taken to L.A. County Hospital. Unable to speak or walk; with a stroke, it was determined he needed Hospice care. As his 73 year old sister, with disabilities of my own, and no other responsible relatives, I did not know where to turn. The Hospital said he had to go.

And then . . . GOD stepped in. Within days, there was a lead. A place called Caring House. There was a bed available for a patient unable to pay expenses.

During his last days, Ronnie was shown much love by the caring staff.
I remember a volunteer holding the phone to his ear, on speaker, while I tearfully recited the 23rd Psalm. She said Ronnie managed a slight smile, as he recognized my voice. This brought so much comfort to me.

May Caring House be abundantly blessed.
Praying for you.”

— Sheila Johnson, sister of Ronald R., Caring House resident