Caring House helps people make better use of hospice

At Caring House, we believe strongly in the importance of hospice support at the end of life. Dozens of Medicare-certified hospice service providers serve the South Bay. See our Hospice Directory for a partial listing.Improve

Caring House – not a hospice service provider itself – is a place where a person can choose to receive hospice services.

Caring House provides a calming, consistent, professional, 24/7 resource for residents and families. By being dedicated to creating the best end-of-life experience, Caring House helps individuals and families make better use of hospice services. Caring House also helps hospice service providers be more effective providing their services.

Going home to receive hospice services can create anxiety and challenges for patients and their families. Caring House is designed to remove the anxiety and challenges. Issues that can arise with hospice care at home include

  • Calls to 911 when not needed or appropriate.
  • Repeated worried calls to the hospice service.
  • Communication with the hospice provider can be hindered by involvement of multiple hospice representatives.
  • Paid caregivers might not be aligned with the fact that the patient needs hospice services or is dying.
  • Patient can feel alone or isolated.
  • The hospice provider can only visit when family or caregiver is available and awake.
  • The patient or family doesn’t know what services to expect from hospice.
  • Patient care and medication records might become disorganized.

At Caring House, we’re not a hospice service provider — but we help make hospice services better.