Caring House will help people make better use of hospice

At Caring House, we believe strongly in the importance of hospice support at the end of life. More than a dozen Medicare-certified hospice service providers serve the South Bay.

Caring House – not a hospice service provider itself – will be a place where a person can choose to receive hospice services.

By providing a calming, consistent, professional, 24/7 resource for residents and families, and being dedicated to creating the best end-of-life experience, Caring House will help individuals and families make better use of hospice services. Caring House will also help hospice service providers be more effective providing their services.

A few of the concerns Caring House will help alleviate for those choosing to receive hospice services:

  • Patient and/or family panics and calls 911 when not appropriate.
  • Patient and/or family make repeated worried calls to hospice service provider.
  • Patient and/or family communication with provider is hindered by involvement of multiple people.
  • Paid caregivers (at home, board and care, or nursing home) are not aligned with the fact that the patient is dying.
  • Patient is or feels isolated or alone.
  • Patient at home cannot be enrolled in hospice because he or she does not have sufficient assistance or supervision at home.
  • Provider can only visit when family or caregiver is available and awake.
  • Patient and/or family asks provider for non-hospice services.
  • Patient care and medication records are disorganized.

At Caring House, we’re not a hospice service provider — but we make hospice services better.