Happy Birthday to Caring House??

Birthday CakeCan an organization or anyone celebrate two birthdays? Can you have your cake and eat it twice? Or should you have to choose just one date? Here’s why we ask.

 Corporations are “born” on the day their articles of incorporation are filed with the Secretary of State. Caring House is a corporation. Incorporating was one of the first steps on the almost 12 year trail bringing us to where we are today. The Caring House articles were filed on October 26, 2004. So, October 26 could be considered the Caring House birthday.

 Caring House started welcoming residents and families when we admitted our first resident on February 19, 2016. So that’s the date that we started performing our mission to bring peace, comfort and support to men and women at the ends of their lives. Perhaps February 19 should be the Caring House birthday.

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  • Can Caring House celebrate two birthdays? Or just one?
  • If just one, should it be October 26 (incorporation day)?
  • If just one, should it be February 19 (welcoming first resident day)?