Get end-of-life care Your Way

The absolute best way to get the end-of-life care YOU want is to think and talk about it ahead of time. Let others know your wishes, values and views about life and care.

Healthcare and Elder Law Programs Corporation (H.E.L.P.) has created a wonderful plain-language tool to help you with that thinking and communication. The tool is called Your Way: A Guide To Help You Stay in Charge of Decisions About Your Medical Care.

Your WayYour Way can help any of us –

  • Think about what is important to us
  • Obtain wanted medical care and avoid unwanted medical care
  • Live life the way we choose
  • Help our family and friends know what we want and
  • Help our family and friends do what we want

You can request a free copy of Your Way on H.E.L.P.’s website.