Lloyd’s Legion

Lloyd Brown Sr.

Automated monthly giving to support the work of Caring House is smart, simple and secure. It’s a great way to help Caring House continue its mission, have more predictable monthly income and reduce fundraising costs.

Donors who sustain the work of Caring House through automated monthly giving automatically become members of Lloyd’s Legion.*

It’s a great feeling, being a Legionnaire. Different from a once-a-year gift, with a monthly Legionnaire gift it feels like you’re helping make a difference every day of the year.

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Lloyd’s Legion is growing

Member photos and stories

About the photos and stories. Members of Lloyd’s Legion earn the stylish thrill of donning a “Lloyd-like” tan, khaki or beige sun hat of their choice for their salute and enlistment photo. Selfies welcomed. You can email your photo to legion@yourcaringhouse.org. And feel free to include comments about why you’ve joined Lloyd’s Legion and support the work of Caring House.

Roxanne Arroues
Jinny Blandford
Christine Campisi
Robin Camrin
David & Sara Cuccia
Janette Dawson & Adam Pomfret
Thyra Endicott & Jonathan Chute
Chris & Kim Engen
Jane Flynn & Tom Barna
Ellen Gorbunoff
Albert Grabb
John Harwell & Mary Bading
Dan Hudson
Sheila Johnson
Ed & Patty Long
Diane & Lowry Mayo
Jim & Constance McBirney
Jon Mesko
Wendy Pestano
David Peters
Jim & Rose Sarner
Jill & Mike Schultz
Connie Senner
Catherine Shaffer
Deb West
Karina & Andrew Wilhelms
Glenn & Cindy Wishon

Updated April 5, 2021

* Lloyd Brown Sr. was an energetic, proactive member of our core volunteer group. It was Lloyd who told us about the value to both donors and their charities of monthly giving programs, urging Caring House to create this program.

Lloyd was a gift to Caring House and our South Bay community. Lloyd passed away in April 2016. We continue our work in his spirit, and name our automated monthly giving program Lloyd’s Legion in his honor.