Automated Monthly Giving

Lloyd Brown, Sr.The members of Lloyd’s Legion – named for one of our founding volunteers – give us the confidence to provide invaluable services to everyone who needs them. Knowing that we can count on our Legionnaires every month is more important than ever, since we are serving more families than ever before.

It’s a smart, simple and secure way to support our residents and families.

  • Smart because you help provide peace, comfort, support and dignity to community members – and their loved ones – in the last weeks and days of their lives.
  • Smart because you help Caring House predict its monthly income and reduce its fundraising costs.
  • Simple because you set it up once and your donation continues automatically until you tell us otherwise.
  • Secure because it’s done on secure servers.

Click here to learn more about Lloyd and the members of Lloyd’s Legion!

Make a difference throughout the year when you sign up for automated monthly giving!

You can sign up to have your donation automatically processed using automatic automatic bank withdrawal (e-check/ACH) or your credit/debit card.

If you would prefer to have your bank send us a check every month, let us know so we can ensure you’re counted and acknowledged as a member of Lloyd’s Legion. (310-796-6625 ext. 1 or

Automated monthly giving using an e-check/ACH

Automated monthly giving using a debit/credit card