Friends of Caring House

Caring House Annual Report 2022
Members of Friends of Caring House are also featured in the our 2022 Annual Report. Click the image to view the report.

We are grateful to everyone who helps to improve the end of life experience for our residents and families through both financial and in-kind donations. By doing so, you become a member of Friends of Caring House.

Your generosity as a member is recognized at specific donation levels annually. It is our way of thanking you for providing peace, comfort, support and dignity to our residents and their families. Scroll down or click here to see the list.

Levels by Annual Contributions:

  • Champions of Compassion – $10,000 or more
  • Diamond – $5,000-9,999
  • Platinum – $1,000-4,999
  • Gold – $500-999
  • Silver – $250-499
  • Bronze – Up to $250

Join us in supporting our residents and families:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a contribution to Caring House, please contact us at 310-796-6625 ext. 1 or

Caring House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 20-2201206), and donations are deductible as charitable contributions.

Friends of Caring House

(as of 12/31/22)

Champions of Compassion – $10,000+ | Diamond – $5,000-9,999 | Platinum – $1,000-4,999
Gold – $500-999Silver – $250-499Bronze – Up to $250 | In-kind Donors

Champions of Compassion – $10,000 or more

Robin Camrin
Continental Development Corporation
John Gogian Family Foundation
The Roger I. and Ruth B. MacFarlane Foundation
Providence Southern California
Michael and Nancy Stallings
Torrance Memorial Foundation
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Carl E. Wynn Foundation

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Diamond – $5,000-9,999

Roxanne and John Arroues
Ilene Clow Foundation
Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn
Mary Harris and Doug Kendle
Jack and Margaret Hourigan
Mitsuko Ichikawa
Ed and Patty Long
Julius Sumner Miller Foundation
Torrance Memorial Medical Staff

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Platinum – $1,000-4,999

Jean Adelsman
Peggy Allen
Amy and Rob Beard
Christine Campisi and Lawrence Schmidt
Jim Cipra
Stephen and Adrienne Cole
Compassionate Care Hospice and Home Health
Kathleen Crane and Milan Smith
Janette Dawson and Adam Pomfret
Gayle Theodora Drake
Bill and Deborah Duncan
Kitty Edler
Thyra Endicott and Jonathan Chute
Chris and Kim Engen
Judith Gassner
Nora Gecks
Ellen Gorbunoff
John D. Harwell and Mary Bading
Healing Care Hospice
Dan and Debbie Hudson
Diane Huttinger
Peter Immerzeel
ISU Olson Duncan Insurance
Kirsti Kaartinen-Calvin
Penny Kastagir
Ryan Klevens
Claude Lewis
Carol Boots Magee and Richard Hansen
Beka Malloy
Laurie McGraw
Tracey and Kelly McMartin
Mike Lockwood, Oakwood Wealth Partners
Frank R. Parth
Kay Post
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center
Linda and Victor Reinhardt
Tim and Twanna Rogers
Cynthia Rustanius
Jim and Rose Sarner
Jill and Mike Schultz
Patrick and Juliana Selfridge
Connie Senner
Servatius, O’Brien & Fong, LLP
Judy Sugiyama and Karen Albitz
Raymond T. Sung and Angela Kim Sung on behalf of the Sung Ohana of Maui
Dr. Ellen Tarlow
Torrance Refining Company
Chris Uyemura
Victoria Hospice Services
Debra West
Glenn and Cindy Wishon
Norm and Jan Ziomek
Marie and Ron Zorich

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Gold – $500-999

Marianne and René Ayala
Hildegard Benson
Jinny Blandford
Katherine Campbell, Elder Solutions LLC
Vincent Chelland and Kathleen Perfit
CopperPoint Insurance Companies
Annalisa and Cavan Cuyler
Robin Da Vinci
Anne and Ray Destabelle
Jan Edgar and Sonya Harper
Evergreen Hospice Care
Robin Fernandez
First Foundation Bank
Patrick and Terry Furey
Marie Gazeley
Diane and Chris Goodchild
Albert Grabb
Bob Habel and Mary Hoffman
Sharrie Hite
Lina Hu
Jackie and Roger Ignon
Anthony Salazar and Jill Ingram
Gwen and Allen Inouye
Warren and Sheila Johnson
Richard Koenig
Mira Landis
Jamie and Daniel Leserman
Mark and Barbara Lurie
Malaga Bank
Bill and Pam Malloy
Ellen and Dan Margetich
Jenny and Jeff Maze
Del McCulloch
Jon Mesko
The Migliazzo Family
Tom and Barbara Pavliscak
David Peters
Christine Pillsbury
Helen Caroline Portillo
Carol Ann and John Roddy
Roze Room
June Anne Seislove
Lisa Selfridge and Raul Wysinger
Catherine Shaffer
Dr. DJ Singh
Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Dr. Marilyn Cejka Steinberg
Alvin Trafton
UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center
Sandy VandenBerge
Kay Wardell
Karina and Andrew Wilhelms
The Winkler Family
Debbie and Daniel Ybarra

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Silver – $250-499

Alpine Village
Carolyn Ayers
Jane Flynn and Tom Barna
Hamssa Benrekia
Kristin Burke
Vinh and Judy Cam
Joe Cannon
Peggy and Scott Ciley
Ira Byock and Yvonne Corbeil
Judith Diamond
Annie Tang-Humphrey, JD Dahler, Josue Calderon and Diane Ferraro
Jeanne and John Fisher
Merrietta Fong
Ann and Greg Hambly
Deanna Holleman
Mary Hornickel and John D’Isacco
Lisa Humphreys and John McNamara
Dawn and Taylor Kersten
Arnie and Lanny Ladis
Rebeca Leon
Iona Kay Matson
Edward and Julie Mayfield
Diane and Lowry Mayo
Tim and Barbara McAllister
Jim and Constance McBirney
Chuck Miller and Family
Roseira Moreno
Lisa Novacek
Bill Oberholzer
James O’Connor
Deyda and Felipe Regalado
Robert Reinhardt
Marta Sarver-Martinez and Family
Bruce and Sheryl Saurer
The Scrivens Family
Nancy Siskowic and Ed DeRenzis
Carolyn Snyder
Leroy and Alretha Thomas
Nadya Turner
Heidi and Randall Tyler
Sharon and Eric Wakuzawa
Herb Webb, M.D.
William and Carolyn Willen

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Bronze – Up to $250

Miriam Ackermann
Age Well South Bay
Hank Alvarez family
Colleen Ancrile
The Antaky Family
John Arnaldo
Wilke and Noreen Au
Lisa Bagley Heger
Barbara Barker
Tina, Joshua and Kacey Batushansky
Ken Bauer
Estelle Baum
Sondra Behrens
Seth and Leann Bier
Betsy Biggins
Don Blanding
Roslyn Bodanis
The Boeing Company
Julie and Mark Bowles
Iman Boykin
Mary Brackemyre
Maureen Bray
Gene Brown, Bedrock Fiduciaries
Adriana Brunone
Benjamin Carey
Ann and Kit Chape
Charton Financial Group
Benjamin Chen
Cindy Chew
Evelyn and William Chidsey, Jr.
Faith Ciolek
Leslie Cirka
Moira Cohn
Esther Cordill
Nancy and Tom Corey
La Familia Corrales
Mr. and Mrs. Leo N. Cournoyer
David and Sara Cuccia
The Cuccia Family
Anthony and Amy D’Ambra
Andrea Daniels
Drew Davis, Davis In-Home Care
David Degree and Kelly Slater-Degree
Mike and Paula Del Vicario
Helen Dennis
The Dern and Kopito families
Handan Dogan
The Evans Family: Dave, Alexandra and Annmarie
Joan Falter
Roz and Pete Fanello
Sunya Felburg
William Finer
Ruth Fitzpatrick
Ann Floden
The Hummingbird Project
Brenda Franco
Lisa Frankel
Geneva Frutrel
Atsuko Fukunaga
Dave and Jennifer Gammell
Kathy and Bob Garfinkle
Gentle Transitions of California
Judi Gerber
Marylyn and Chuck Klaus
Leslie Gold
Patti Goldenson
Caring Transitions of South Bay
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Joann Gomez
Judy R. Goode
Darla Goodwin
Katherine and Don Gould
The Gowan Family
Kay Gregory
Gi Gi Griffin
Kay Grundhaus
Sandra Guinn
Sharon and Troy Guinn
Carol Hahn
Jeanne and John Hannah
Patti Harmer
Philip Harrington
Amy and Jeff Hartwick
Warren Helwig
Cathy and Jim Hendrickson
Home Instead
Sue Hopeman
Daniel Hovenstine
Linda and Jim Howat
Tracy Hunt
Jessica Hurley-Jones
Cristina Iacob
Image Options
Lynette Jones
The Junkluggers of Southern LA County
Joanne and Jerry Kalk
Amber Keating
Philip Kempik
Noreen Keyes
David Keyzer
Pearl Kim
Ryoka Kim
Ellen Kircher
Linda Koch
Bobbie Korstvedt
The Kotalik Kids
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Kozinksi
George and Terri Kursar
Rene Lagler
Kathy and Walt Lapovich
Donna and Gary Larrivee
Gregory and Vivienne Lash
Dee Lemon
Ira and Bobbie Lesser
The Levy Family
Alison Lewis
Congressman Ted and Betty Lieu
Nancy and Bruce Light
Christina Llorens, Advisors in Placement
Christopher Long and Stacy Fahrion
David and Marcia Long
Stephen Long and Mary Hays
Thomas Long
Jill Love – Peters & Love
Stephen and Laurie Love
Melody Lowe-De Vivero
Mary Lynn
Norma Lyons
The MacDonnell Family
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Machado
Nancy Mahr
Kayla Mar
Justin Maradiegue
Merna Marshall
Lauri Martinich
Peggy and Mike Massee
Kathleen Mattingly
Carey McCarthy
Lynn and David McGowan
Dee Dee McGuire – New York Life Insurance Co.
Milagro Menees
Karen and Dave Metzger
Lynn Mikami
Lois Mills
Maureen Molloy
Fabiana Montanez
Chelsea and Buddy Montgomery
Family of Walter Montgomery
Charlotte Moore
Chris and Pamela Morales
Todd Morin
Steve Motoyasu
Sara Myers
Ginny and Art Nagy
Harumi Nakao
Myrna Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Vicki and Richie Noll
Lisa Norris and Tod Gentille
Dale Norton
Dwight and Kathy Nott
Lisa Pahl
The Reams-Paolozzi Family
Damiana and Ricardo Paras
Natalia Parga
Julia Parton Rosas
Mike and Audrey Patterson
Patty Peatrowsky
Robert Peet
Mrs. Ramona Pei
Carla and Steve Petroff
Paula Petrotta
Jon Phelps
Kathleen Phillips
The Pomeranitz Family
Hal Pope and Gina Rembert
David Presser and Michelle Finkel
A320 Family
The Probate House L.C.
Terry and Mark Ragins
Nancy and Max Ralsten
Carol Rathbun-Shibuya
Thomas Reavey
Janet and Jack Reid
Liz Reinhardt
Adrienne Reyes
Sylvia Richardson
Karen Robinson
Cathy and Quentin Rose
Dr. David S. Rose
Sharon Ryan
Ariella Salinas Fiore
Brandon Sanders; Kindness
Muriel Schonbachler
Ginger Schwartz
Stephanie Seki
Ann Shaw
Nicholas Sherbo
Linda and Ray Siciliano
Dr. Thomas Simko
Rich and Jennifer Sittel
Mary and Don Sloper
Ezett Smith
Leo Smith
Leslie Smith
Ritas Smith
Lynn and Philip Solomita
Jessica Steele
Jewel Steele
Philip and Arlene Stein
Ann Stewart
Kathi and David Stiles
Susan Suarez
Carole and Bob Suddaby
Melissa Swift Oakley
Susan Swinburne
Connect With Care LLC
Mary Tabata and Michael Neils
Antoinette Salo Tahir
Sandy and Lori Tatchell
Randy and Bev Thorne
Kristin Towers Rowles
Annelise Tripp, Senior Fitness Specialist
Terri Unzueta
Dan Valdez
Jackie Vorhauer
Abby Waddell
Rob Walker
Richard Wallace
Jennifer Waltzer
Dr. John F. Whitaker
Cynthia Whitney
Fran and Sidney Wielin
Betsy and Jack Wiesener
Rochelle Wilson
Jim Witoszynski
Mary Wright
Sam Xavier, Realtor, Compass
Steve and Marlene Young
Miinkay Yu
Gwenn and Michelle Zeoli

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In-kind Donors

Aquarium of the Pacific
AR Workshop Torrance
Roxanne and John Arroues
Jane Barna
Lisa Berry
Sasha Bratus
Elita Brown and Nadya Turner
California Pizza Kitchen
Christine Campisi
Robin Camrin
Carey Cezar
Stephen Charney
Continental Development Corporation
Janette Dawson and Adam Pomfret
Anne and Ray Destabelle
Paul and Sherry Domholdt
Jan Edgar
Chris and Kim Engen
Courtney Estes, Sandpipers
ET Surfboards
Jane Flynn
Gail Gerding Mellert
Annette and Scott Godfrey
Diane Goodchild
Ellen Gorbunoff
Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn
Pauline Hayashibara
Suzanne Hoggan, Lip’Shinin Marketing
Mary Hornickel and John D’Isacco, The Wellness Company
Monica Hsieh
Lisa Jennings
Michael Jordan
Penny Kastagir
Amber Kennell
Noreen Keyes
Nancy Kimber
Rick Koenig
LA Galaxy
Hilary Lord
The Lung Family
Robin MacDonnell
Beka Malloy
Jon Mesko
Mychal’s Learning Place
Charlene Nishimura
Darrell Nishiyama
Jim Nolan
Lisa Pahl and Lori LoCicero, co-creators of The Death Deck
Carolyn Pohlner
The Portofino Hotel and Marina
Kay Post
Red Car Brewery & Restaurant
The Redondo Beach Hotel
Linda and Victor Reinhardt
Liz Reinhardt
Robert Reinhardt
Gina Ritter
Tanya Ruiz
Members of Sandpipers
Adrian Sandstrom
Scotty’s on the Strand
Krista and Dave Shaffer
Micaela Solis
Starbucks Store 9189
Surf For Keenan
The Sweet Cake Lady
Tony P’s Dockside Grill
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Torrance Refining Company
Trader Joe’s
Triathlon Lab
Tiffany Williams
Glenn and Cindy Wishon
Miinkay Yu, Bodywork by Miinkay
Lisa Zain
Lynn Zamarin
Megan Zimmer

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