Diane and Lowry Mayo join Lloyd’s Legion

Lowry and Diane MayoDiane and Lowry Mayo have joined Lloyd’s Legion. Here’s their enlistment story.

Diane Mayo was live-in caregiver for her mother during her mom’s last years of life while suffering with Alzheimer’s. Her two sisters also spent a great deal of time with their mom. They were all fortunate to be able to devote time to caring for their mom. Diane learned about Caring House while living in Torrance and helped as much as she could with the early stages of its development.

After her mother’s passing Diane left her native South Bay Area and moved to Texas to be near her daughter and new grand baby. She met and married Lowry Mayo in Texas. Lowry’s mother had died of Alzheimer’s while in a nursing home.

Diane told Lowry about Caring House, and he agreed that it would be a much better place for someone to spend their last months. Diane and Lowry both wanted to help Caring House succeed so they started a monthly giving plan directly from their bank.

Donors like Diane and Lowry, who sustain the work of Caring House through automated monthly givingbecome members of Lloyd’s Legion. Automated monthly giving is smart, simple and secure. It’s a great way to help Caring House continue its mission while helping to predict monthly income and reduce fundraising costs.

About the photo. Members of Lloyd’s Legion earn the stylish thrill of donning a “Lloyd-like” tan, khaki or beige sun hat of their choice for their salute and enlistment photo. Selfies welcomed. You can email your photo to legion@yourcaringhouse.org. And feel free to include comments about why you’ve joined Lloyd’s Legion and support the work of Caring House.