Community is a verb

Caring House board members Dan Hudson and Ed Long recently met with Dr. Ira Byock. Ira is a leading palliative care physician, author and public advocate for improving care through the end of life. More about Ira. Ira and Yvonne Corbeil are also donors to Caring House.

The meeting took place at Ira’s office at the Institute for Human Caring of Providence Health and Services in Torrance.
Community is a verb

Community is a verb

The discussion covered care decisions and end-of-life care and the subject of grassroots community work like the work of Caring House. Ira reminded us that “community is a verb.”

In the context of Caring House, community is and will be something we actively do together. It is and will include

  • donors and volunteers and staff helping residents and families,
  • donors and volunteers and staff supporting each other,
  • residents entrusting their care to Caring House staff and volunteers and teaching us along the way, and
  • families and friends of residents connecting with and supporting Caring House residents and each other.

We’ve long said that Caring House is a project by our community for our community. We can also say that Caring House itself is and will be a community — one that we actively create and maintain.

Ira and Yvonne donate a soup pot

As part of the meeting, Ira presented a shiny new soup pot for use at Caring House. Soup says comfort and warmth and caring — so the soup pot is a great fit for the mission of Caring House. Thank you Ira and Yvonne.

Ira Byock Soup Pot

Ira Byock (left) presents a shiny new soup pot to Ed Long for Caring House