Join us in Celebrating 5 Years of Beauty, Care, Honor and Respect

Celebrating 5 Years of Caring House

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At Caring House, we allow families to just be.

I am honored to be leading Caring House into the future. I’ve dedicated the remainder of my life to the service of others, and our work at Caring House is extremely fulfilling for me. I appreciate all of the support and camaraderie I have experienced in my first six months at the helm.

Norm with his granddaughter

Navigating the end of life is difficult. Families desire to spend quality time with their loved ones in their last days, and that’s what Caring House is here for. We do the care taking, so our families can just be families without having to worry about anything else… families like Norm Cleveland (pictured), his kids and his granddaughter.

A South Bay native who spent his entire life here, Norm was an accomplished musician, but he was most proud to be known as a father and grandfather. He said he devoted his entire life to that title. For someone who was happiest just being with his family, spending his last days at Caring House allowed Norm’s children, Kyle and Nicole, and his granddaughter, Makena, to simply enjoy just being with him as well. I was humbled at how many of our community gathered to support Norm and his family physically, emotionally, and financially during his last days. Thank you all for that – you made a difference in the end of his life.

Caregivers and volunteers alike say it is a privilege (and often their favorite part of the day) to help residents and families during this time. As a nonprofit organization, we are able to help lift some of that burden thanks to the support of community members like you – 65% of our families have been welcomed by your generosity.

“It is truly peace of mind that makes the difference.” -Lisa Jennings, Resident’s Daughter

As we celebrate our fifth year as the first and only non-medical home in Los Angeles County completely focused on end-of-life care, you can help us provide peace of mind to more families. Your support gives our families a place to call home and just be during the end of their loved one’s life. You are not just making a tax-deductible donation. You are providing relief to a family and allowing them to just be.


Jon Mesko, Executive Director

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Click here to view a PDF of the brochure Celebrating 5 Years of Beauty, Care, Honor and Respect.

Click here to view a PDF of the brochure Celebrating 5 Years of Beauty, Care, Honor and Respect.