Can you sew? Homemade reusable gowns needed now

Sewing gowns togetherIf sewing is a passion or hobby of yours, we need your help now.

We need reusable isolation gowns. These can be washed and sanitized between each use. The CDC is suggesting these reusable gowns now, recognizing that single-use disposable gowns are in very short supply.

The good news is these reusable gowns can be homemade, which is where you come in.


Because of COVID-19 we had to stop admitting new residents. And our house is now empty.

To resume welcoming residents, we need enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to maintain the safety of everyone in our home.

We’ve had success obtaining masks, face shields and gloves. But isolation gowns have been impossible for us to find.

If you can create just one of these gowns, your talents have special value right now. If we can obtain at least 30 of these gowns, it will be a big help in welcoming residents again to Caring House.


We’ve found a site that provides a free gown pattern package plus a video depiction of how to sew the gown. Click for the pattern and video.

The site advises that these gowns are typically made of polyester or polyester-cotton fabrics. Gowns made of these fabrics can be safely laundered according to routine procedures and reused.

Click to read more about the CDC’s guidance on gowns.

If you can help, please let us know.

You can call our Resident Care Manager team at 310-796-6625 ext. 2. Or use our handy online Contact us form.

Questions or ideas?

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