Final Push donation tally

In November 2014, Caring House reached out to the community for donations in the Final Push campaign. The campaign sought to raise $100,000, which was then projected to be the remaining amount needed to renovate the Caring House home, cover other start-up costs and start operating with prudent reserves. The campaign was based on cost projections made in November 2014 and a projected opening date for Caring House of March 1, 2015. It projected a total financial need of $1,170,000.

The campaign ended on June 30, 2015 and generous donors provided a wonderful $84,511.51.

We're almost there!


Updated schedule and projections

Our renovation work was completed in July 2015. We are now furnishing and equipping our newly-renovated home with six private bedrooms.

We can’t, however, open our doors for residents and families until we’ve received our RCFE license from the CA Department of Social Services. We filed the license application in January. The license has not yet been received. We cannot predict when the license will be received, although we hope it will be very soon.

We completed the most recent financial need projection on July 20, 2015. Based on actual renovation and other costs incurred to date, further refinement of projected costs, the addition of a contingency fund, and a projected opening date of October 1, 2015, the total financial need is now projected at $1,308,400. As of July 20, the remaining amount to be raised was approximately $153,000.

You can help

Together we’re creating something wonderful for our community. You can help by donating and/or volunteering.