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Automated Monthly GivingA smart, simple and secure way to sustain the work of Caring House

  • Smart because you help provide peace, comfort and support to men and women in need in the last weeks and days of their lives.
  • Smart because you help Caring House predict its monthly income and reduce its fundraising costs.
  • Simple because you set it up once and your donation continues automatically until you tell us otherwise.
  • Secure because it’s done on secure servers.

Automate now.

Lloyd Brown Sr.

Lloyd Brown Sr.

Lloyd’s Legion

Donors who sustain the work of Caring House through automated monthly giving automatically become members of Lloyd’s Legion.

Lloyd Brown Sr. was an energetic, proactive member of our core volunteer group. It was Lloyd who told us about the value to both donors and their charities of monthly giving programs, urging Caring House to create this program.

Lloyd was a gift to Caring House and our South Bay community. Lloyd passed away in April 2016. We continue our work in his spirit, and name our automated monthly giving program Lloyd’s Legion in his honor.

Join Lloyd’s Legion – Automate now.