Artists for Caring House tops goal

The first-ever Artists for Caring House silent auction event was far from silent. The crowd was energized and the bidding was spirited. It was all great fun. And the financial results readily topped the goal. 100% of the proceeds went to Caring House, and a generous donor even picked up the sales tax!

More than 50 South Bay artists donated their original work for the benefit of Caring House. This was a unique opportunity to buy original art. All kinds of art were auctioned, from the traditional to the contemporary; large and small. The art even included gorgeous jewelry.

Big Thank Yous go to:

  • Each of the artists — there would have been no event without their generous giving of your work.
  • Event organizers Penny Kastagir, Barbara St. John and Alton Takabayashi of Doffin Investments.
  • Doffin Investments for not only hosting the event, but also providing generous food and drink.
  • The many Caring House volunteers who helped out at the event.
  • The dozens of bidders, buyers and donors who stepped up and provided more than $5,300 for Caring House.
  • All other attendees — everyone added to the fun.
Bidding War
Jimi and Rob battle it out