A Look Back at 2022 in Our Annual Report

Caring House Annual Report 2022 CoverCaring House is life-changing. I have seen this over and over again as I’ve watched residents, families, staff, volunteers and other members of the community come through our doors. Something else I’ve come to learn after seeing it time and again is this: If someone is meant to be at Caring House, then it will happen. It’s true for our residents and families… and it’s true for me.

Everything I’ve done up to this point has led me to Caring House. That includes my own experience caring for both my parents at the end of their lives. Caring for my mom in her last months was especially hard on me. I focused all my time and energy on her, so I didn’t take care of myself. Three days before her passing, I hit the wall. My mom jokingly said to me, “I don’t know who looks worse… you or me!” I really needed Caring House.

It took months for me to feel any semblance of normalcy again and years to mend from the experience. Unfortunately, this is what many family caregivers face as their loved one nears the end of life. While living with regret is a difficult thing, I am glad I can now use this time of hardship to make a positive impact on others’ lives. This turns my regret into relief and my relief into gratitude. In this place is where peace is found.

Loretta F. - featured in Caring House's 2022 Annual Report
Sweet Loretta brought joy to Caring House, and we brought her joy in return.

I also feel privileged to help others have the experience that my mother and I didn’t have… people like Loretta and her daughters, Christine and Beth. Loretta didn’t want to come to Caring House, but her daughters knew she needed more care than they could provide. She moved into our newly-opened sixth bedroom, and by that evening as she video-chatted with her grandkids, they asked her how she liked her new place. She happily exclaimed, “I love it!”

Now, Christine and Beth were able to be daughters instead of caregivers, especially Christine who had been caring for her mom up to that point and lived further away. Seeing that her mom was being well taken care of – less than a mile from where her sister lived – put Christine’s mind at ease. Beth spent the day working, in addition to being a busy wife and mother, and then like clockwork, she would come by Caring House every evening to spend quality time with her mother. I also spent a lot of time with Loretta. While we cared for her, she allowed me the honor of loving on her like I would have done if she were my own mother.

Caring House is a truly special place filled with special people and loving kindness. I consider myself fortunate that 2022 brought me here. I hope you enjoy a look back at some of the other lives we touched throughout 2022. After all, your support makes it possible to provide peace, compassion, support and dignity when it is needed most. The benefits of these gifts are truly beyond measure.


Kay Post
Executive Director

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