Annual Report for 2016 now available

You can read our first-ever formal Annual Report online now.

John Ramos

John Ramos

It tells about what hundreds of volunteers, donors and other supporters have come to together to create. It honors our residents, and shares the story of one of them (John Ramos, see photo). It shares financial information and much more.

Here’s the transmittal message from the Report:

Dear Friends,

Hundreds of volunteers, donors and other supporters have come together to create something wonderful for our South Bay community. It’s called Caring House. If you are one of those supporters, you have reason to be proud.

After years of planning and development, Caring House welcomed its first resident and family on February 19, 2016. Our residents and families during 2016 were pioneers. And in many ways teachers, as we learned much from them.

Our mission is to provide peace, comfort and support for men and women who are in the last weeks of their lives. We are the first non-medical home in Los Angeles County totally focused on end-of-life care.

In 2017 there’s much more to do. Our principal challenge is to bring to our home the maximum number of residents and families we can serve safely and peacefully. We hope to at least double the number of residents we serve compared to 2016. This requires expanded outreach to connect with potential residents, hiring of additional caregivers and bringing additional volunteers to the cause. And, of course, fundraising.

You can help by volunteering or donating or helping to spread the word. On behalf of the many residents and loved ones whose lives will be touched by your support, thank you.


Edward W. Long, JD
President and Volunteer

You can read our first-ever formal Annual Report online now. Just click on the preceding sentence.

If you’d like us to mail you a copy, use our Contact Us page and provide your name and mailing address.