Advance Directive Wallet Cards now available

Health EmergencyQuestion: In a health emergency, how will the medical team know who is authorized to speak for you?

Answer: They’ll find your Advance Directive Wallet Card. You’ve filled it out and kept it in your wallet with your driver’s license or other identification card.


You’ve done your Advance Directive and named others to speak for you. But it’s not exactly handy to carry around your Advance Directive document.

Then you end up in the midst of a health emergency where you can’t speak for yourself. If decisions need to be made, you’ll want those you’ve chosen to be the ones to speak for you.

Advance Directive Wallet CardEnter the Advance Directive Wallet Card. By using it, you can help make sure the right people are contacted first to help with decisions about your care.

Where can you get an awesome Advance Directive Wallet Card?

Caring House has created one for you. Go to the ordering page and get yours now.