Advance Care Planning Naming Test #2

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Step #1

Step #1 in advance care planning is selecting who will make health care decisions for you if you’re not able to speak for yourself.

To help you select, we’ve created the Who Ya Gonna Name? grid that we review in class. The grid covers the seven top tests (criteria) for evaluating who to name from among your family and friends.

Test #2

Test #2 in the grid is: Will they be clearheaded when needed?

Why does it matter? When the time comes, you’ll need the person who will speak for you to have their memory and judgment operating fully. Important decisions will need to be made for you. A person who is already showing signs of memory and judgment losses is likely not the person you should name.

Tip: Don’t name just one person to speak for you. Name one or more others (secondary or “backup” agents) to speak for you in case the first person you name isn’t up to the task.

Naming Test Number Two