Doctors for Caring House

Doctors for Caring House is a coalition of doctors who support the work of Caring House to improve the end-of-life experience for men and women and families in our community.

Members spread the word about the work of Caring House to their professional colleagues, patients, families and others. Members also serve as advisors to Caring House. They serve for the good of the community and without compensation.

The members (alphabetical order) are

Heidi Behforouz MD
Ira Byock MD
Joyce Mary Chaput MD
Miriam Piven Cotler PhD
Vivian F. Credidio PhD
Jasminka Criley MD
Thyra Endicott MD
Celisa Flores PsyD
Matthew Gonzales MD
Albert Grabb MD
Tauseef Haider MD
Dana Hodgdon PhD
Lisa Humphreys MD
Nancy Kimber MD
Christopher Long PhD

John McNamara MD
Rachelle Mand PhD
Martina Meier MD
Deborah Meyers MD
Johanna Mytko PhD
Samuel Nam MD
Garry Olney DNP
David Presser MD
Michael C. Schultz DDS
Glenn O. Smith DDS
Ellen Tarlow PhD
Kenneth M. Unger MD
Herb Webb MD
Johnny Wen PhD
Glenn Wishon MD

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Members can be active or retired. Professional designations include AUD, DC, DDS, DMD, DO, DPM, DPT, MD, OD, PHARMD, PHD and PSYD.