Caring House is Different

Los Angeles County’s best end-of-life care home.Caring House is Different

Different in our business model

We’re an IRC 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on assuring peace, comfort, support and dignity at the end of life. We manage our money wisely; not to make a profit for shareholders or investors, but so we can help more families.

Different in our approaches to payment. 

  • The average length of stay at Caring House is less than 30 days. So we offer options for residents and families to pay for 7 or 14 or 28 days at a time.
  • We depend on each resident and family — to the best of their ability — to pay the costs of care for the resident. They do that from resident and family income, savings or other assets.
  • When the resident and family are unable to pay the full costs of care, we use funds donated to Caring House by the community to cover the difference. 

Different in our care focus.

Caring House is:

  • Dedicated to end-of-life care — focused on the last 60 days of a person’s life. Other homes focus on long-term care (average 2 years+).
  • Deeply experienced with hospice — 100% of our residents have been on hospice.
  • Designed for privacy and dignity — all residents have their own private bedrooms. 
  • Staffed with a consistent team of caregivers experienced with end-of-life challenges — pain management, restlessness, need for responsive attention, need to manage hospice services, etc.
  • Staffed with a caregiver-to-resident ratio designed for the high demands of end-of-life care. Our ratio is typically 1-to-3 (sometimes 1-to-2 or 1-to-4) — many facilities are 1-to-7 or more. 
  • Staffed with 24/7 awake caregivers — resident needs are there 24/7 and so is our staffing.

Different for families.

When a family brings their loved one to Caring House they can be proud that they’re helping their loved one have peace, comfort, support and dignity. Family members, freed from care duties, get to spend their energy supporting and connecting with their loved one — and with each other. All families experience the last days of their loved one assisted by our experience and support.

We all deserve peace at the end of life.

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