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We know that Care Professionals often face difficult time constraints when working to find the best place for their patients and families. We are honored to work with you to help.

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Interested in a possible admission? Availability of bedrooms at Caring House changes frequently. Probably the most efficient thing is for you to speak with a member of our Admissions and Resident Care Manager team to discuss the situation.¬†If you call and they’re not available immediately, leave a voicemail message. They’re very good at checking their team voicemail. Call 310-796-6625 Ext. 2.



  • Admissions and Resident Care Manager team = Ext. 2
  • Caregiver Station and to contact a Resident = Ext. 3
  • Office (business, fundraising and outreach) = Ext. 1

Fax Numbers

  • Admissions and Resident Care Manager team = 424-255-9266
  • Caregiver Station = 424-255-9297
  • Office (business, fundraising and outreach) = 424-214-0881

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Our Location

2842 El Dorado Street, Torrance, CA 90503

In the Madrona neighborhood, south of Torrance Boulevard and east of Maple Avenue.