About Costs and Payments

We’re honored to team with families and loved ones to provide peace, comfort, support and dignity for each resident. It takes money for us to provide our extraordinary level of support. We depend on residents and families helping to cover the costs of care to the best of their ability.

Caring House Cost vs. Target PaymentIn 2020, based on our budget the all-in cost of care for 14 days is $9,449 as shown in this chart. It equals $28.12 per hour of care.

For 2020, our board of directors set $6,500 for 14 days as the target resident/family payment level.  It is 69% of the all-in cost and equals $19.35 per hour of care.

Like the world around us, the financial situations among our residents/families vary significantly. Some are able to pay more or even much more than the $6,500 target, others are only able to pay less. Recognizing this, we have three payment levels

  • Pay it forward (provide more than $6,500 each 14 days). You’ll help Caring House serve future residents in need.$2250 for 7 days
  • Target (provide $6,500 each 14 days).
  • Sliding scale (provide less that $6,500 each 14 days, to the best of your and your family’s ability — see the financial worksheet).

Our income comes from payments by residents and families, and from donations. Caring House does not receive Medicare, Medi-Cal or other third party insurance reimbursement. 

Financial arrangements are finalized confidentially with our admissions team. Payment is due on the day of admission and each 14 days thereafter. 

Download or print this page and the financial worksheet.