Totally focused on end-of-life care

Caring House is the first and only non-medical home in Los Angeles County totally focused on end-of-life care.

Life’s last transition

The end of life is a time of transition. What’s needed is space and time for peace, comfort and support — for both the person who is dying and for their loved ones. Space and time for resolution and reconciliation. Space and time where last wishes may be fulfilled, stories may be written and memories shared and created.

Caring House provides that space and time, welcoming men and women in the last weeks of their lives for life’s last transition.

Imagine a place . . .

Imagine a place of peace, a home to spend last days surrounded by love and support. Imagine a place where family members and friends are freed from care duties and get to spend their energy supporting and connecting with their loved one, and with each other. Caring House is that place.

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