A Special Kind of Comfort

Meet Charlie, Caring House's new comfort dogIn addition to new residents and families, we welcomed others to our Caring House family in 2022, including some wonderful new volunteers. We also added a very special volunteer position, and one volunteer in particular has loved his new role so much, you can find him at the house more often than not. Meet Charlie!

Executive Director Kay Post adopted Charlie, a 6-month-old Australian labradoodle, to serve as Caring House’s new comfort dog. He was raised by a group who trains dogs to both help during tragedies and support those with PTSD. Charlie was specifically selected for his role at Caring House because of his temperament, and he was “formally” introduced at a small gathering in our garden in early December.

While he still has a lot of puppy energy, he has already shown us that he is a quick learner and well-suited for what we do. While he goes home with Kay on evenings and weekends, he is always excited to return to Caring House to work alongside our staff and volunteers, especially his two favorite people, Sandra and Monica!

Caring House comfort dog volunteers
(Top left) Gigi, (Top right) Peach, (Bottom, left to right) Peach and Charlie

We’ve also had two other dog volunteers join us this year, completing our dog volunteer team and warming the hearts of our residents, families, volunteers, staff and guests. Gigi is a quiet chihuahua who is content laying at people’s feet or getting belly rubs from anyone who wants a welcome distraction. Peach is an Irish setter/doodle who, like Charlie, makes the rounds with our staff or simply sits quietly with those who need her. Peach and Charlie have also become great friends! Each of our new dog volunteers brings a special type of comfort to Caring House, and they make a lasting impression on everyone they meet.