A Mural for Caring House

Over a couple of weeks in early July 2020, The Masked Muralists regularly visited the backyard at Caring House. While masked and distanced, they created a marvelous 25′ x 10′ mural for us that is a wonderful addition to our peaceful outdoor space. This video shows the work in progress, plus the final mural.

Penny Kastagir brought together the team to create the mural. Penny commented: “Many thanks to Barbara St. John and Robert Reinhardt for helping me achieve this mammoth task in one week. There is a lot of symbolism in the painting. The butterflies are a symbol of hospice. The path is the path at the end of life. When the boat goes over the horizon it is still there, even though it can’t be seen, like the departed soul. The orange cat represents those lost by Barbara and myself. The bay is our South Bay.”